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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is BlazeSOFTWARES all about?

BlazeSOFTWARES is an online computer shoppe company cateringto technology-driven needs of millions of computer users all over the world.We basically promotes McAfee Products with our special Maintainces along with it.

Why should I choose BlazeSOFTWARES?

We can assimilate the answer in just one sentence: "To experiencethe best computer protection."
To see it for yourself, speak to an BlazeSOFTWARES technicalsupport specialist now. visit http://www.blazesoftwares.com
Or Call
(+44) 1234818381 (UK)
(+1) 8552514115 (USA)

What kind of computer protection services can I expect from BlazeSOFTWARES?

BlazeSOFTWARES serves as one-stop shop for all your computer protection needs including computer/laptop maintainces support.

What computer brands can BlazeSOFTWARES help me with?

Yes, we provide support for all Microsoft Windows platformand applications no matter which computer brand you are using and where youpurchased your computer from.

What are the different ways BlazeSOFTWARES can support me?

Optimize your PC to increase performance & usage of your PC to your needs.

Search, Suggest & Eradicate viruses, worms and maliciouscontents which have invaded into your PC. Scan, Suggest & Update Anti-Virussoftware and Other PC protection tools. Analyze & Perform standard PCmaintenance & schedule Windows updates/patches. Bring to End pop-ups, takeout adware/spyware and install/configure anti-spyware software. Provide Supportin Back-up processes to prevent Document, Images, data etc. losses, transferringdata from one PC to another. Set up home and small office networks (includingwireless networks) - keeping in mind latest security.

  • Troubleshoot & resolve email and software problems.
  • Troubleshoot & resolve printer, scanner, digital cameraand other peripheral problems.
  • Set up & assist with MP3 players (iPods, Zens), PDAs andother smart devices.
  • Set up, configure & provide training on applicationsoftware via Online Webinars.
  • Set up, configure & provide training on Hardware &Devices via Online Webinars.
  • Set up & configure protected wireless networks.
  • Troubleshoot & fix error messages, frozen screens, bluescreen errors and a lot more issues faced by you with your PC.
What are thedifferent Plans I can buy?

We offer three types of basic plans. Depending upon your requirement you choose from the following:

To check the plans, go to our site homepage. or visit the link http://blazesoftwares.com/index.php

I have a software issue? Do you support software problems?

No. We only deal with system anitivirus's and it's maintainces related Issues.

Does BlazeSOFTWARES guarantee solution to my query?

BlazeSOFTWARES.net’s services are delivered on a state of theart integrated delivery platform which allows us to support your computer(s)remotely and in association with our partners even in your home. If for anyreason you are not wholly satisfied with the service, we will make every effort to resolve the issue. If you are still not satisfied with the same, we offer a money back policy as under:

For our money-back-policy or refund policy check the terms and consitions below or click on the link


 Can I get help onweekends or holidays? Is your support 24 hrs a day?

We offer round the clock services, on all our contactmediums i.e. voice, email and chat. We have the set up to support your queries,365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are open on all national andlocal holidays.

Will you have the history of my past interactions and troubleshooting, so that they can get the details automatically?

Yes, we keep track of all the interactions happened in thepast which enables us to help you better.

What certifications make your technicians the specialists?

All our computer support specialists are Microsoft CertifiedExperts, CCNA Specialists. They will provide world class service to thecustomers.

Do you guarantee your work?

At BlazeSOFTWARES, our customer satisfaction holds the primeimportance for us; to an extent that all our plans and policies center aroundit. And quality of the services plays a significant role in ensuring the same,since this is our USP that makes customers come to us again and again.Therefore, our technicians take utmost care to maintain quality of work atevery level.

Are you 24x7 available?

Yes, all our service centers work 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek. You can contact us anytime for instant solutions to any of your computertech requirements. We will take you through each and every step of resolving your computer problems anytime day or night.

How can I subscribe for BlazeSOFTWARES?

You can subscribe to us from anywhere anytime via thecompany’s website¬†http://www.blazesoftwares.com/

In order to subscribe to us over phone, dial our no.

(+44) 1234818381 (UK)

(+1) 8552514115 (USA)

or visit our ‘Contact Us’ section and fill your details forus to reach you.

What methods of payment can I use?

BlazeSOFTWARES accepts major credit cards both online and overthe phone. So you can use your Credit Card or Debit Cards.

End-users consistently rate BlazeSOFTWARES as one of the bestin customer satisfaction as the company performs extremely well in both theservices and staff demeanor factors, which helps it to carve a significantposition in the computer support industry.


It was a Pleasure working with Blazesoftwares, they really make feel good with their patience, time sense and shipping process.
Keep It up...

Posted by Mishell

Thank you, blazesoftwares for your wonderfull services, I was in a requirement of Antivirus for my office PC's and it was very quick delivered by you.

I Believe time is money and so do you proved to me once again.

Posted by Andrew

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